How Much Does It Cost To Waterproof A Roof?

Waterproofing the roof is a common method for not letting the water sip from the roof easily and enter into the house. It is a great solution not only for the rainy season but also for other purposes. Waterproofing is a perfect solution to help prevent water-related damage around the property. Which can lead to decay and much more damage. So, prevent it by simply opting for waterproofing solutions. But one question may always arise: how much does it cost to waterproof a roof? In this blog post, you will come to know the waterproofing price list. Delve into this blog post to find out:

Roof Waterproofing at Energyzone

Factors Affecting the Cost of Roof Waterproofing

1. Roof Size And Type

The size and type of your roof are significant determinants of the overall cost of waterproofing. Larger roofs are naturally going to require more materials as well labor, resulting in higher costs. Additionally, the complexity of the roof’s design such as its slope, shape, and accessibility can impact the difficulty and time required for waterproofing, thereby influencing the cost.

2. The Extent Of Damage

If your roof has existing damage or leaks, repairs may be necessary before waterproofing can be applied effectively. The extent of the damage can affect the cost, also more extensive repairs will need additional materials and labor. It’s essential to address any underlying issues before waterproofing to ensure long-term effectiveness.

3. Waterproofing Method

There are various waterproofing methods available, each with its costs and benefits. Common methods include liquid waterproofing membranes, bituminous coatings, and sheet membranes. The chosen method will depend on factors such as the roof’s material, the severity of the problem, and budget considerations.

4. Materials Used

The quality and type of waterproofing materials will impact the overall cost. High-quality materials may have a higher upfront cost but can offer greater durability and long-term protection against water damage. It’s important to consider the long-term benefits and value when selecting materials for roof waterproofing.

5. Labor Costs

Labor costs including installation and labor fees are significant components of the overall cost of roof waterproofing. The complexity of the job, as well as local labor rates and regulations, will influence labor costs. It is always best and advisable to obtain multiple quotes from reputable contractors to ensure competitive pricing.

Average Cost Estimates For Roof Waterproofing

The cost of waterproofing services varies based on factors such as the total area, specific service requirements, chosen materials, and additional expenses like labor and transportation. Typically, prices range from AED 30 to AED 200 per square meter with the final cost determined by these variables.

Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Roof:

1. Improves Durability Of Structure

The moisture can disrupt your house and even degrade over time. When you have done quality waterproofing then you are protecting your house from further damages related to water. It is not just water but other factors too. You can protect your property by waterproofing your roof.

2. Reduction Of Cost Of Repairs

Waterproofing the roof can help you save a good amount of money for the longer term by simply reducing the cost for frequent repairs. You don’t want to be repairing your roof again and again for various reasons. So the best solution is to have waterproofing done into your roof. Not just any waterproofing but the quality ones as it is going to save you much money over time.

3. Offering Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing the roof stops water from getting in, keeping the inside dry. When it’s dry, we don’t need to use as much energy to keep the inside comfortable. Also, some waterproof materials can reflect sunlight, keeping the building cooler without using extra air conditioning. This helps save energy and lowers bills.

4. Prevention To Illnesses

Many diseases can be born when the water seeps through your house roof and reaches other structures. Which leads to the growth of mold and mildew which can impact the quality of the indoor air. Eventually, you can fall ill when you don’t have a healthy environment surrounding you. With the help of waterproofing, you can prevent illnesses from being born.

5. Improvement to Life Of Interior

If water gets into your walls, it can make mold and mildew grow, which can damage how your interiors look. But if you waterproof your roof, it can stop water from getting in. This helps keep your interior work and furniture looking good for longer.

Why Is Energyzone The Best Choice For Roof Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the best when you want to protect your roof from heavy rainfalls and even other climatic factors. When you waterproof your roof, it is much more secure and better as it protects from other property damages. You are making the right choice when you choose Energyzone as your service provider. We provide you with the quality of waterproofing services. Our team ensures that you receive the best service for waterproofing as we are experts at delivering you the quality of work.


Waterproofing is the right method for protecting your house or any property from major damage. You must do the waterproofing of your roof when you don’t want any illnesses around you or would like your property to depreciate over time. There comes a question that might arise in your head as to how much it costs to waterproof a roof. And what is the current waterproofing price list? While the cost of waterproofing can vary depending on several factors, it’s crucial to prioritize quality and effectiveness to ensure long-term durability and protection. In this blog post, we have mentioned to you the details you need to know before you begin with the waterproofing service.

By understanding the key factors that influence the cost of roof waterproofing and obtaining multiple quotes from reputable contractors, you can make informed decisions and budget effectively for this essential maintenance task. Energyzone is the right solution for an effective waterproofing of your roof. We have a team of experienced experts who help you deliver quality waterproofing for your roof. You can simply contact us today & get started!